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CSE offers Flotation Managers the broadest end-to-end support for managing IPO and Rights Issue transactions of any size. Our support model is based on CSE’s in-depth market knowledge acquired through managing large number of transactions over a period of 2 decades.

As part of our service, we provide complete business, technical and infrastructure support. Our EFMS solution is hosted in a secure state-of-the-art Tier-III Data Centre, which is managed through highly skilled and experienced professionals.

We consistently turn in impressive benchmark results, with a fine-tuned, highly-scalable technology architecture that supports Flotation Managers with high capacity for large transaction volumes and peak subscriptions during closing period. These benchmark results scale down as well as up, so that Flotation Managers can exceed their competition without size restrictions.

IPO/Rights Issue system documentation for Receiving Banks (RB) / Receiving Entities (RE)
  • System User Guide
  • Data Exchange Guide
  • Network Guide
  • Support in preparing RB/REs presentation
  • Pre-transaction support (Receiving Banks/Entities)
  • Alternate channel subscription range
  • Creation of Receiving Bank/Entities system users
  • Latest RB/REs branches updates
  • Screen scrapper integration support for RB/REs system with EFMS
  • Development of eForm
  • Establishing connectivity with participating Receiving Banks/Entities
  • Support in planning & executing simulation testing
  • Pre-screening of Share Registers (RGR8 and RGR7 format) for Rights Issue
  • Integration of IPOClient with Receiving Banks existing process
Live Subscription Support
  • Active support in monitoring the subscription process
  • Complete system support round the clock during the entire subscription period
  • Daily reports for CMA and Flotation Manager RBs backlog clearing Support
  • Adhoc reporting to support active backlog clearing
Post Subscription Support
  • Support in preparing allocation formula and process for CMA (excel sheet)
  • Final allocation process run based on formula approved by CMA
  • Creation of Allocation and Refund files for Receiving Banks/Entities
  • Creation of Tadawul file for Flotation Manager
  • Final IPO/RI Data Report for Flotation Manager (subscription and allocation data
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