About Us

Staff Expertise

The strength of any organization is measured by its people. CSE is proud to present one of the strongest staff available to help customer to implement effective software. CSE has a professional, experienced and dedicated team focused on providing the very best of service using our leading edge systems, processes, and equipment.

Highly profiled senior managers are there with 15-20 years of rich experience in the same company with different variety of industry exposure, and skill sets. Our workforce is exceptionally diverse. Our close-knit project teams bring together a rich variety of skills, experiences and perspectives. We see our diversity as a vital strategic advantage and actively seek to build on it by attracting talented individuals from a wide range of cultural, geographic and educational backgrounds.

We have around 80 resident consultants, IQAMA holders under our sponsorship. The staff attrition rate is very low and average annual employee turnover is 5 %. The average life span of an employee in CSE is 7+ years.