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The EFMS is an easy-to-use web-enabled IPO and Rights Issue management system, it facilitates Flotation Managers to manage multiple IPO and Rights Issue transactions concurrently.

The EFMS solution is designed to run as a scalable and robust system, fully integrated with existing IPO and Rights Issue process implemented by the authorities, Receiving Banks and Receiving Entities. The EFMS solution is deployed at our own Data Center located in Riyadh.

The EFMS system has evolved over a period of time and we meticulously improve our system to meet the changing market dynamics and flotation requirements introduced by CMA and Tadawul from time to time. The EFMS is fully compliant with the Rights Issue trading guidelines recently introduced (2012).

IPO Rules
  • Subscription data entry
  • Search subscription information with multiple criteria
  • Online ID number validation (IPO)
  • Data modification/deletion Request
  • Deletion request list
  • Modification request list
  • NIN Conflict list (IPO)
  • Shareholder rights trading violation list (RI)
  • Dash Board
  • Daily volume region wise
  • Daily volume channel wise
  • Daily volume day wise
  • Consolidated subscription position
  • FTP file upload/download
  • Daily Volume Upload (Subscription reconciliation and backlog information)
  • User access based on roles defined by Flotation Manager
Back office functions
  • Parameters maintenance
  • Audit trail for all transactions in EFMS
  • Data validations and violations control
  • Allocation Process
  • Tadawul file generation process
  • Receiving Bank refund and allocation process
  • Daily CMA Reports
  • Consolidated CMA Reports
  • Daily Reports for Flotation Manager
  • Various MIS reports
Manual Subscription Data Entry (CSR)
  • Screen scrapper (Subscription upload in Batches using program)
  • Direct upload (FTP file bulk subscription upload)
  • Pre-load data entry (Bulk subscription information upload)
  • XML interface (under testing)
  • Introducing high performance subscription data entry option for Receiving Bank
  • IPO Client : The solution provide Receiving Bank option to transfer thousands of subscription to EFMS within short time with no changes required at Receiving Bank
The data center is also well equipped, such as:
  • Conditioned and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Fuel powered standby Generator
  • Sophisticated fire detection systems
  • Multiple layers of network security
  • Intrusion detection System
  • Access control system
  • 99.98% availability of internet backbone
  • Powerful cooling system with backups
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