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The CSE’s Mutual Fund & Asset Management System (MFAMS) is designed & developed to enable the extensive mutual fund & portfolio management capabilities to the fund managers. Being, equipped with the functions such as subscriptions, redemptions, assets management, NAV computations, unitizations, switching’s, etc. the system generates ennumber of reportings to monitor the fund operations & determine its compliances laid by monetary authority.

  • Support multi product base such as equities, metals, real assets, etc.
  • Specialized local & international shares market model
  • Multi-currency capabilities within a single fund or discretionary portfolio
  • Multi-currency funds, assets, incomes & expense management
  • Keeping historical information for different funds, assets, incomes, expense, customer positions, valuations & unitizations
  • Support various types of fee ranges
  • Informative valuation processing screen & also preserving the valuation snap for the future reference
  • Various reporting capabilities for current and historical data to support performance, statistical and other analytical requirements
  • NAV publishing mechanism
  • Flexibility in integration with Forex systems for the currency rates
  • Flexibility in integration with Market Data Feed systems for share prices
  • Flexibility in integration with trading systems for Local or International Markets
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