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Investment Order Management & Settlement System (IOMSS)

  • Overview
  • Key Features

Investment Order Management & Settlement System is a comprehensive solution to meet the Saudi, GCC and International Brokerage business requirements of any Investment company. This solution provides the connectivity to Tadawul market as well as International markets via Fix protocol. It is fully integrated and provides functionality of Multi Exchange, Multi Market and Multi currency. For the International Securities the portfolio valuations are done based on the snapshots provided by Data Vendors.

IOMSS Facilities the Member to perform thr following functions:
  • Perform trading with Saudi Tadawul
  • Perform the Trading via the International Brokers connected thru service providers
  • Support Multi – Broker, Multi – Exchange, Multi – Market, Multi – Account, Multi – Currency, Multi – Security type
  • Support (customer) Multi-Portfolio, Multi-Security type, Multi-Account, Multi-Currency, Multi-Market, Multi-Fee Level/Discounts
  • Support Manual Order Execution, Multi-deals/order
  • Calculate Charges and Fees
  • Settle the traded orders as per the Exchange/Broker notification and the brokerage firm’s policy
  • Facilitate Accounting and Reconciliation
  • Manage Customer portfolios in accordance with the statutory guidelines
  • Generate International Brokerage Reports and Statements
  • Handle Margin Trading
  • Maintain various standing data (Customer, Brokerage firm, Exchange/Broker/Custodian, Funds)
  • Capturing KYC Information
  • Different levels of security and user profiling
  • Tadawul gateway server/s for the purpose of trading and market data
  • Direct Market Access to Saudi Tadawul market using FIX gateway. External brokers can place orders to local market through IOMSS using IOMSS FIX-In interface
  • International Brokers via Service Provider gateway/network for the purpose of online trading
  • Data Vendor for the purpose of market prices for portfolio valuation
  • Clearing Bank’s Host System/s for the purpose of Foreign exchange, Deposit , and Accounting
  • Front Office
  • Middle Office
  • Back Office
  • Cash management System(CMS)
  • Online trading for Local and International market
  • External Interfaces (FIX Client, TIP Client, FIX-In)
  • Real-time price Integration with third party data vendors for GCC and International market
  • Support Multi Exchange Multi Instrument Trading
  • Integrated solution- Single Portfolio for multiple products
  • Inbuilt Anti Money Laundering (AML) module.
  • Centralized & Straight Through Processing (STP)
  • Capability of interfacing with various Host Systems
  • Cash Management Module to host Investment Accounts (Multi Currency)
  • MIS Reporting
  • Customers advices and statement generation.
  • SMS/eMail module for customer notification.
  • Rule based Employee Trading module to monitor and restrict internal trading.
  • Multiple channel support like Internet, ATM IVR etc via External interface
  • Corporate Actions
  • Risk Management
  • Margin Trading (Multi Market)
  • An Arabic Supported User Interface
  • Capable to handle large volume
  • Scalable Solution with Multi Threaded Process
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Web enabled Interface
  • Platform independent
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