• Overview
  • Key Features

Direct Debits is one of the payment schemes available within SARIE network of Saudi Arabian Banks. The scheme facilitates the corporate bodies to collect their dues such as service bills, periodically from their clients using the SARIE banking network. The system facilitates the following:

  • Claims are generated Automatically on behalf of Originator
  • Claim Frequency Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly
  • Process both Inward and Outward Messages (STP)
  • Generate Notification, Rejection, Advice file after each process
  • Online Interfaces to BESS and Host System. (Also available Batch Interfaces)
  • Different type of Commission Schemes
  • Supports Gregorian and Hijira Calendar
  • Supports Inter Bank and Intra Bank Claims
  • Multi-User Support
  • User-friendly Screens (drop-down lists, tool-tip messages etc.)
  • Facility to maintain Holiday’s
  • Dual Control support : Entry & Verification
  • It facilitates the bank to play the role of the sponsoring bank as well as the paying bank
  • STP Solution
  • Comply with SAMA SARIE standards
  • Online interface readily available for BESS
  • In built with Originator Module
  • Separate Originator utility for Corporate
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