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The External Remittance System is developed to do Expatriate Funds Transfers for the leading Financial Institution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  We are one of the early implementers of a remittance system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in early 90’s.

Our Remittance system functionality was enhanced over the years to support various emerging requirements of Correspondent Banks operating in various countries.  Various remittance service enhancements are also carried out over the years.   Currently the system supports remittances to over 12 Countries with Multiple Correspondent Banks in each of the countries.  For some of the countries, instant remittance service is also extended. Under this service, Beneficiary will get credit immediately.

  • Multiple correspondent for a Country
  • Multiple Remittance Service like Door-to-Door, Account Credit, Draft, etc
  •  Remittance Rules and Compliance with regulatory requirements of Specific Country
  • Beneficiary Messages and Response from Beneficiary
  • Local Regulatory requirements like Remittance Limits per Remitter Per Month etc.
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