About Us

Chairman’s Message

Our business began its activities in 1979 as the Consulting Center for Finance & Investment (CCFI). We have since become one of the leaders in the Advisory Services industry in the Kingdom. Our role as Advisors has dictated our commitment to developing the best practices that are guided by our professionalism and impartiality.

Our long presence in the market, our knowledge of its intricate workings, and our team of experienced advisors has enabled us to amass a large number of strategic clients, placing us at the forefront of today’s financial advisory service providers.

Our ability to address our clients’ needs has rendered us critical to their growth and success. In delivering our services our business abides by three pillars: First, the commitment to conduct our business according to moral principles. Second, the commitment to comply with a high standard of professionalism in all the services we provide. Third, the commitment to provide the best services to meet the needs of our clients.

Dr. Abdulaziz M. Aldukheil
The Chairman