• Overview
  • Key Features

The Expense Accounting System (EAS) provides a framework to issue/maintain  cheques/Transfer based on  customer Invoice. It provides interfaces for Expense invoice  Registration, multi Debit/Credit  entries creation, Processing and Booking Vouchers Printing, Accounting approvals, Upload to Host system, Download from Host system, reconciliation, Cheque/Draft/other form printing and it is capable of generating required operational as well as MIS reports on output as well as export media.

EAS is capable of maintaining adequate security and audit log to the application and the underlying data as necessary for general banking applications.

  • It is a windows GUI-based system built over RDBMS data platform and it is a completely menu-driven system
  • EAS has uni-lingual user interface, i.e., English.  The menu system is in English 
  • All the screen functions are available through  menu
  • EAS is a multi-user system, adequate security levels as necessary can be built by the system administrator
  • Based on the security level, the menu options, etc. will selectively enabled or disabled by the system for a particular user.
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